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I am furious. I contacted the Von Strepple Brothers (sellers of paranormal items) with a commission for a hybrid djinn.

After several emails, they said they would hire a "infuser" to create the hybrid for me. The catch was: I had to act fast and pay promptly. But, something came up, and I could no longer purchase my hybrid. I sent a polite email explaining this, and thank them for their help.

Not even an hour ago I checked my email and received an email from "Rose, the secretary" telling me I had :"wasted the Master's time", that I was an "acne ridden c*t" and that I was a "fat daydreaming teen" who "wasted everyones time". I am shocked. Never in all my dealings with Paranormal Collectors have I faced this. I've dealt with supposed scammers like Creepy Hollows, and I've never had this happen to me.

I liked these people. They were kind, supportive and helpful. They were highly recommended and offered wonderful service.

But I am shocked and disgusted. Do not deal with these people, because this is what they do to people who don't buy from them.

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Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada #1306902

And something came-up, just like that huh ! Cleaned out every last dam-dollar and you had just 10$ left when asking ?

Note to all: Never commission others to do something for you if you've much less than 20$ in the bank. THAT is insulting to THEM !!

Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada #1306900

Trust nobody who suddenly claims being "un-able to pay" dollar-store charges !

Carolina Beach, North Carolina, United States #796962

If you agreed to buy and backed out,you wasted their time.

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia #658743

it's true :sigh it happened to me iswell


Thanks for that helpful comment. At least I'm not the only one. :)


Now that you've been on the receiving end of their "emails", you know their writing style and can easily id it in many of the other postings here directed at people who have complained confronted them.

They're nothing but cheats. And, their constant insults about old ugly women, acne ridduled and such are old hat.

They're their own biggest fans. Fans of hot air and ashes. Sorry you had to experience it. I wouldn't ever buy from them again, what they sent me was not worth anything. Luckily I paid little for it.

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